If we were strangers and we met on an airplane…

I’d probably be wearing my gold sparkling flats. They are so comfortable, fun and sparkly! Because I am outgoing I would ask you about your travels…and if we were on a flight back to Rhode Island (my home state) I would be secretly hoping you weren’t just passing through— that it was your destination, that you were in love with it as much as I am. I’d ask you about your plans, probably give you advice on where you could grab a good bite to eat in Providence and wish you well.







If we were friends and we met for coffee…

We would probably meet at Seven Stars Bakery. It has this Old World feel. They bake amazing rustic breads and pastries and the one on Broadway has the kind of floors that instagrammers love. I’d order a latte and a sticky bun… the best sticky bun you will ever have by the way. We would talk about our lives. Maybe I would tell you about my fear of driving, how I overcame that fear when I realized I was wastefully serving fear instead of serving God and how finally at the age of THIRTY I got my license and how that has changed my life. Of course we’d be talking about all of this while I wrangled my toddler. But she’s a sweet kid so we wouldn’t mind.






If we were family and we met for a picnic…

It would be well into the summer and we would have driven all the way down to Westerly, RI for Shakespeare in the Park. There would be much laughter and delicious food… and you know what? From the outside we might look like an anomaly, like a miss matched crazy quilt:)And we would be. But that’s family. Then before you knew it we’d be playing a game of wiffle ball or frisbee. Eventually the sun would set and we’d head over to sit on an old (tacky!) quilt (that I love) made by my grandma and enjoy the talented folks putting on this year’s show.






When I’m not busy working on photography you can catch me:

  • Spending time with my family, exploring Rhode Island and other parts of New England. I’m also learning to quilt and embroider. I cannot knit to save my life but I admire people who can.
  • Starting my morning with coffee, snuggling my black cat, George, and meditating on three things I’m thankful for. Sometimes they are seemingly random things like my alarm clock (I wouldn’t be able to get up at 5am without it) but then most days I’m just thankful for my husband and my daughter.
  • If you do ever bump into me on a plane I’m probably in transit between Texas, Oklahoma or California. Some of the people that I love the most live in these places.
As a photographer I’ve been featured by Style Me Pretty, The Black Tie Bride, Every Last Detail, Engaged Magazine, Travel + Leisure and Atlas: Craft & Curio magazine.

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