Rustic-Glam Backyard Wedding in New Hampshire

Birch Trees at a New-Hampshire Wedding by Tiffany-Medrano-Photography _New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography2Welcome to Elyse and Dan’s whimsical, rustic, glamorous wedding in New Hampshire. They are such a sweet, loving and talented couple. It was an honor to photograph their wedding and bare witness to the start of their life together. _New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography3
I loved the Foxtrot Frame foil-pressed wedding invitations from They added a sense of occasion to this backyard wedding.
_New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography4 _New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography5
Elyse is an artist and so it was only fitting for Dan to propose at a Paintbar. He popped the question by painting it on a canvas and she said YES!
_New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography6 _New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography7 _New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography8
I snapped this shot (above) while Elyse was getting ready. It’s a close up of one of her paintings. She is one talented lady!
_New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography9 _New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography10 _New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography11 _New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography12
Elyse, in her 1920’s inspired wedding gown by Sue Wong, looked like she had time traveled from some old hollywood filmset.
_New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography13 _New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography14
I loved her tattoo. It’s a quote from one of my favorite hymns by Horatio Spafford. _New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography15 _New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography16
Because of rainy weather we set up portraits in the old barn. I think even if it was sunny I would have wanted to do this. It’s not every day that you get a chance to shoot portraits in a space that looks like it’s strait out of a Vanity Fair fashion spread.


And who could say no to Elyse’s niece and nephew “interrupting” portrait time. Not me!! I love photographing kids at weddings. They just don’t care about rules or formality and it’s a fun contrast to the rest of the wedding day. _New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography18 _New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography19 _New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography20 _New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography21 _New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography22 _New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography23 _New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography24
Live music. Always live music. My husband and I had a string trio at our wedding and I’ll always be grateful for that. _New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography25
The wedding ceremony was supposed to be held at an Apple Orchard under a willow tree but because the the rain everything was moved indoors. Elyse being the artist that she is made this whimsical paper backdrop that was reminiscent of the branches of a willow tree… how clever was that? _New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography26 _New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography27 _New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography28 _New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography29 _New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography30 _New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography31 _New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography32 _New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography33 _New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography34
The weather cooperated for portraits and we were able to explore the surrounding area. I love rural New Hampshire! Isn’t it gorgeous?!  _New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography35 _New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography36 _New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography37 _New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography38 _New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography39 _New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography40
Wedding portraits in a grove of birch trees?? Why yes please! Birch trees are my favorite, so enchanting.  _New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography41 _New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography42 _New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography43 _New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography44 _New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography45 _New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography46 _New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography47 _New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography48
One more little DIY detail… Elyse made this wire cake topper.  _New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography49 _New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography50
I know it’s a little difficult to read the sign but inside the heart says “workcamp.” It’s the logo for a camp that I’ve volunteered at and this is actually where I met Elyse and her family for the first time. Her family runs a nonprofit, christian based organization that mobilizes students and young adults to serve in the community. It’s called workcampNE. Check them out!
I loved this emotional moment between Elyse and her Mom at the end of the day.
_New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography52 _New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography53 _New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography54
Checking out the ride… So, this was supposed to be a vintage car of some kind (in keeping with the theme of the wedding) instead they got a hummer limo. Well, the limo company dropped the ball on that one just a little bit. So, can we just stop to take a moment and appreciate how gracious and joyful Elyse and Dan were about their wedding day, even with so many details changing. You guys are AWESOME!!! _New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography55 _New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography56 _New-Hampshire-Rustic-Glam-Wedding-Tiffany-Medrano-Photography57
 Special thanks so everyone who made this day possible!
Bridal Gown: Sue Wong
Engagement Rings: Wedding Ring Originals
Bride & Groom Ring Bands: Day Jewelrs
Bridesmaid Dress: Rent the Runway
Tent, Table & Chairs: Christian Party Rentals
Hair: Mariana Bortolossi
Makeup: Sophia Santoulis
Florals: Elyse
Catering: Provided by friends and family

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