Smoke & Pickles Wedding at Smith Appleby House

Smith Appleby House Wedding Wool in a basket at the Smith Appleby House. Smithfield, RI Loom at the Smith Appleby House. Smithfield, RI

The Smith Appleby House is a historical building. It’s original structure being built in 1696! It began as a one-room stone-ender with a loft above. You can read more about this intriguing wedding venue with it’s unique collections of antiques on their website. Getting Ready Getting Ready at the Smith Appleby House Mom and daughter at historical wedding venue, the Smith Appleby House Bride in the stairwell at Smith Appleby House in Rhode Island - Historical wedding venue. Vintage inspired wedding at the Smith Appleby House, a historical wedding venue in RI.Julie was so excited to be getting married as we waited for the ceremony to start I could barely keep her still to take a picture. So, while she gave me a tour of the house I snapped a few moments along the way. Julie you were a beautiful bride!

Also, a fun fact, in this hallway to the right of where Julie was standing is a unique feature to this historical home — the smoke room — serviced by the huge fireplace in the keeping room downstairs. Seriously, Julie and James could not have picked a more perfect wedding venue for themselves.

Left: Whimsical wedding photos. Vintage inspired wedding at the Smith Appleby House, a historical wedding venue in RI. Right: Cameo portraits Antique wedding details at the wedding at Smith Appleby House. The Bride and her father peak out the window waiting for the ceremony to start. Historical venue great for vintage and whimsical inspired weddings, Smith Appleby House - Smithfield, RI Bride

Julie was insistent that I not make a big deal about the shoes or the flowers because what was important to her was that her wedding photography capture the moments between the guests– her friends and family. I believe that holds true for every wedding and I am always on the look out for those authentic moments. But I still had to snap a couple of shots of these shoes because… how cool are they!? The ballet flats were a modern take on a vintage concept and with so many details: the side buttons, the braided trim and the back zipper all beautifully handcrafted! I remember her mentioning that she got them off of Etsy and that she chose them because she wanted to be able to wear them again. Which reminds me of the quote from William Morris, “If you want a golden rule that will fit everybody, this is it: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”  Bride in the mirror at Smith Appleby House - 1920 Getting ready at the Smith Appleby House Adjusting the veil - at Smith Appleby House - 1920 Father of the bride helping with the veil - at Smith Appleby House - 1920I loved capturing the sweet moment of Julie’s Dad practicing the lifting of her veil while they waited for the ceremony to begin. Bride Waiting for the ceremony to start at Smith Appleby House - 1920 DIY Floral Arch - constructed by the groomThe groom’s brother constructed this AMAZING floral arch for the wedding ceremony.  The DIY floral arch consisted of Sunflowers, Rudbeckia hirta, commonly called black-eyed-susan, wild flowers and ferns. It was the perfect backdrop to their outdoor wedding ceremony. Rudbeckia hirta, commonly called black-eyed-susans Wedding Harp Player at Smith Appleby House in Rhode Island

The harpist played as the wedding party walked down the aisle. You may recognize her from another of my blog posts, many moons ago, when I photographed her at Coggeshall Farm in Bristol, RI. The guests at an outdoor wedding The mother and aunt of the bride watch her as she comes down the aisle. The groom waits for his bride at Smith Appleby House

I loved James’ peaceful presence as he stood waiting for his bride.

Artful photo of the bride as she arrives at the ceremony - Smith Appleby House Wedding The bride at a Smith Appleby House wedding. The groom at a Smith Appleby House wedding. Her father walks her down the aisle Father/Daughter moment Outdoor vintage inspired wedding ceremony at the Smith Appleby House, Smithfield RI. Outdoor vintage inspired wedding ceremony at the Smith Appleby House, Smithfield RI. With this ring I thee wed... Bride with botanical drawing of a radish tattoo. Smoke-&-Pickles-Wedding-at-Smith-Appleby-House-34 Smith Appleby House Wedding DIY Hope Street FarmerAgain, per the bride’s request, I didn’t make too big a deal out of the super-duper-aaaahmaaaazing, handcrafted wedding bouquet but I did get a few photos of it, I had too:) She and her maid of honor had picked up the blooms at the farmer’s market that morning. My favorite part of the bouquet was that it was partially editable. You heard me right! Alongside the red amaranthus, in this whimsical wedding bouquet, was freshly picked dill from the farmer’s market! Which fit the theme of her wedding perfectly considering it was being catered by Smoke & Pickles, a farm-to-table catering company that personalizes menus for food lovers. (See how the bouquet coordinated perfectly with the hors d’oeuvres being served during the cocktail hour! Talk about the ultimate foodie wedding!!) Left: Bride Grandparents

I loved watching Julie and James’ grandparents meet for the first time and then James’ grandmother taking his hand as we continued with the family portraits. Grandparents Grandparents The happy couple The bride and groom at Smith Appleby House A sweet moment between the bride and groom during thier wedding portraits Artisitc portrait of the bride and groom overlooking the reception festivities at Smith Appleby House in Smithfield, Rhode Island

It was golden hour and candles had been lit to guide the way for the guests. An old barn and a patch of sunflowers made the perfect backdrop for a 1920

It was golden hour and candles had been lit to guide the way for the guests. An old barn and a patch of sunflowers made the perfect backdrop for a 1920’s vintage inspired picnic.

Rustic, farm to table hors d

A bee (or hornet?) hovered over the rustic selection of farm to table hors d’oeuvres, including beet pickled hard boiled eggs and Hooligan Stinky Cheese from Mark Gillman at Cato Corner Farm in Connecticut.


The drinks chosen for the event were pretty much as local as you could get with Flying Jenny, Fool Proof Brewing Company and Narragansett (And double points for the Narragansett drink inspired by every Rhode Islander’s favorite frozen-lemonade stand Del’sIt’s refreshingly different!).

Smoke-&-Pickles-Wedding-at-Smith-Appleby-House-46 Smoke-&-Pickles-Wedding-at-Smith-Appleby-House-47 Smoke-&-Pickles-Wedding-at-Smith-Appleby-House-49

Normally I don’t sneak back to the kitchen and document the food preparation process during a wedding reception but it was important to my my couple as this catering company  was where they had held their internship while in college and the chef’s preparing the food were so dear to their hearts. And as a foodie myself I loved getting to peek behind the curtain! Smoke-&-Pickles-Wedding-at-Smith-Appleby-House-50 Smoke-&-Pickles-Wedding-at-Smith-Appleby-House-51 Smoke-&-Pickles-Wedding-at-Smith-Appleby-House-52 Smoke-&-Pickles-Wedding-at-Smith-Appleby-House-53 Smoke-&-Pickles-Wedding-at-Smith-Appleby-House-54I loved the simple and authentic rustic elegance of this tented outdoor reception. The farm tables were laid with linens and local flowers. Each guests place settings was marked with a beautifully tided napkin and the mix of antique wooden chairs and benches created a whimsical yet relaxed atmosphere. Smoke-&-Pickles-Wedding-at-Smith-Appleby-House-55 Smoke-&-Pickles-Wedding-at-Smith-Appleby-House-56 Smoke-&-Pickles-Wedding-at-Smith-Appleby-House-57 Smoke-&-Pickles-Wedding-at-Smith-Appleby-House-58 Smoke-&-Pickles-Wedding-at-Smith-Appleby-House-59The start of the reception was marked by the grand entrance of a whole smoked pig. Smoke-&-Pickles-Wedding-at-Smith-Appleby-House-58

Smoke-&-Pickles-Wedding-at-Smith-Appleby-House-60 Smoke-&-Pickles-Wedding-at-Smith-Appleby-House-61 Smoke-&-Pickles-Wedding-at-Smith-Appleby-House-62 Smoke-&-Pickles-Wedding-at-Smith-Appleby-House-63 Smoke-&-Pickles-Wedding-at-Smith-Appleby-House-64 Smoke-&-Pickles-Wedding-at-Smith-Appleby-House-65 Smoke-&-Pickles-Wedding-at-Smith-Appleby-House-66While most couples and their guests get excited about the tradition of the cutting of the wedding cake. Julie, James and their guests were excited for the carving of the whole smoked pig. James did the honors! Smoke-&-Pickles-Wedding-at-Smith-Appleby-House-67 Smoke-&-Pickles-Wedding-at-Smith-Appleby-House-68 Smoke-&-Pickles-Wedding-at-Smith-Appleby-House-69 Smoke-&-Pickles-Wedding-at-Smith-Appleby-House-70 Smoke-&-Pickles-Wedding-at-Smith-Appleby-House-72 Smoke-&-Pickles-Wedding-at-Smith-Appleby-House-73 Smoke-&-Pickles-Wedding-at-Smith-Appleby-House-74 Smoke-&-Pickles-Wedding-at-Smith-Appleby-House-75 Smoke-&-Pickles-Wedding-at-Smith-Appleby-House-76 Smoke-&-Pickles-Wedding-at-Smith-Appleby-House-77The toasts were heartfelt (and maybe even made me tear up a little). The evening moved along with an artisan cheese course after dinner followed by the dessert, grilled peaches and ginger ice cream. Smoke-&-Pickles-Wedding-at-Smith-Appleby-House-78 Smoke-&-Pickles-Wedding-at-Smith-Appleby-House-79 Smoke-&-Pickles-Wedding-at-Smith-Appleby-House-80 Smoke-&-Pickles-Wedding-at-Smith-Appleby-House-81 Smoke-&-Pickles-Wedding-at-Smith-Appleby-House-82 Smoke-&-Pickles-Wedding-at-Smith-Appleby-House-83 Smoke-&-Pickles-Wedding-at-Smith-Appleby-House-84


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