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Lawson Family {Sneak Peek}

Family Portrait | Seekonk, MA |

I met with the Lawson’s today. Here’s a little sneak peek from their Family Portrait Session. Can’t wait to post the rest!

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Happy Thanksgiving

Personal | Providence, RI |

I am grateful for my parents, family and friends. My parents aren’t perfect but I love them and I’m grateful to God for them. They taught me to love people and to put God first which I’m not always very good at BUT they did teach me that. They try to do the same. We all mess up. I can make a list, can’t you? But in the end they taught me about love, forgiveness and being human. (1 John 4:7-11)

ALSO, this is a very cool pillow my Mom made recently at our last quilting get-together. She dreamt it up and made it by hand from two sports jackets. Is it not the COOLEST pillow EVER? Check out the back: buttons, pocket, and a tag from the jacket from which she constructed the pillow. (And, I’d like to give a shout-out to my Mother-in-law who made the pillow in the background w/ the white and red buttons. Talented family!)

And then there is George, always there to help ;)

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

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Happy Fall

Personal | Providence, RI |

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Portrait | Boston, MA |

May I present my super talented beautiful friend Sterling! I love having a little piece of Texas up here with me in New England :) After catching up over coffee we ran all over Boston taking photos. The first place that we shot at was the Ayer Mansion. Talk about beautiful –I’m thinking about creating a post just dedicated to the stairwell. But my muse of the day, Sterling, I love how she styled her hair and clothes! Is she not gorgeous?

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Sterling {Preview}

Senior Portraits | Cambridge, MA |

I had a blast hanging with Sterling yesterday! I’m going to post a longer blog post later, so this is just a preview. We found this restaurant door in an alleyway in Cambridge. I love how it went so well with Sterling’s blouse! Pretty cool, huh? Check back later for more! :)

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